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Erotic dreams

I do not own the boys! Please leave comments. Also, if you see any errors please let me know. This was just a quick in the moment thing so it hasnt really been proof read yet. Thanks.

  The room was dim. Could this really be happening? I've seen it in movies before. I know I've dreamt it before, but this is different. I feel different. You feel different.There is texture. I feel emotion this time. Something I have never felt before.
    Adam wasn't quite sure what was going on. Should he feel violated or used? Should he question this beautiful blonde  that lie before him? Should he question why Tommy suddenly got an aggressive personality? In the heat of passion Tommy had tied Adam's hands to the bedrail with their ties they had warn during their performance just hours ago.
  Adam really wanted to question everything but he was so aroused by the sudden dominance in Tommy he couldn't move. He couldn't move his legs that were now spread-eagle. Was Tommy just trying to amuse himself by tying me down, or was he in such a state of passion as I was? Did Tommy plan on staying with me through out the night or was he going to love me and leave me?
     Suddenly, I felt this tingle run down my body. It was an exciting and arousing tingle, but it didn't come from within me. This tingle ran along the outside from my neck and stopping just at my crotch. As best as I could I opened my eyes. There was that beautiful blonde again straddling me holding a long feather in his hand. His head was tilted back, lips parted. He was clearly enjoying himself as much as I was. I closed my eyes back shut and kept the picture of just how Tommy looked in that moment in my brain. I melted into the touch of the light feathers brushing across my naked freckled body. I wanted so much to grab out and caress his pulsing crotch.
     After a few moments another sensation ran across me. This one not quite as pleasant, yet still arousing . It was cold. I could not bring myself to open my eyes this time. I knew what it was. Tommy had started circling my nipples with an ice cube. What was he trying to do to me? I wanted to scream out. I wanted to scream in pleasure and in pain. I was trying to scream this gorgeous man's name from my lips. As much as I tried I could not get nothing more than a gasp to come from my throat. Suddenly to follow that very cold sensation was another that I longed for. I begged for this. Tommy now ran his tongue along my nipples. This beautiful tongue was on me. It was warming me up. It brough a tingle that this time ran from within.
     All senses were flying high at this point. I never knew letting someone else take full control of my mind and body could send me on such a high. I never knew it could bring me to a breaking pont that I could not reach alone.
     Suddenly long,slim, silky fingers brushed across and finally touch my aroused crotch. I have been waiting what seems like hours for this part. Tommy grabbed a hold of me like his life was depending on it, yet so tenderly. This was my chance. My chance so show him just how much I thank him;how much I love him. I wanted to release myself to him. As I released all control over to him I had never felt more love, more beautiful more myself. Tommy had given all of himself just so I could experience all of me.
   As I lie there  holding something so beautiful and so rare I knew nothing like this could be real. Maybe this was the man of my dreams. If so, it is a dream I want to have over and over again.



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